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New Zealand Travel Guide,New Zealand Tourism Guide


New Zealand Articles & Information,Travel And Adventure


NZ Travel Guide


New Zealand Cities & Towns
Discover our wonderful cities and small rural towns that make up the New Zealand country side the dairy farming of the waikato to the wineries of nelson.


New Zealand Travel Guide
Discover New Zealand regional locations from Cape Reinga in the far north to the milford track in the far south and all the natural geography in between.


New Zealand Outdoors
Discover the great New Zealand outdoors from camping and fishing to hunting and tramping there is plenty to do in the great outdoors.


New Zealand Attractions
Discover the abundent natural attractions that make up our wonderful country from the high snow covered mountain pass to magnificent low lying river valleys.
Waitakere Reservoir
Our Favorite Places

Waitakere Reservoir (Scenic Walk)

This moderate walk starts from Scenic Drive in the Waitakere ranges over looking Auckland city, on the way up scenic drive from swanson end there are a few glimpses of Auckland on…
Muriwai beach
Our Favorite Places

Muriwai Beach (Adventure)

Muriwai Beach is approximately 17 km west of Kumeu, 42 kilometres northwest of Auckland, at the southern end of an unbroken 50 kilometre stretch of beach which extends up the…
Hamilton city
Our Favorite Places

The Greater Waikato (Travel)

This area is the life blood of farming in the central North Island and compared to Auckland there is not alot going on here, the only highlight is the Hamilton gardens and in…
little huia
Our Favorite Places

Little Huia To Waterfall Bay

This coast walk is on the extreme side and is not for the in experienced or unfit, has been a while since We have been here, but the place has not changed at all. The walk starts…

Te Urewera National Park

Te Urewera National Park was one of 14 national parks within New Zealand and was the largest of the four in the North Island. Covering an area of approximately 2,127 kmĀ², it was in Te Urewera, in the north of…


Putauaki, also known as Mount Edgecumbe, is a dacite volcanic cone in the Bay of Plenty Region of New Zealand. Located 50 km east of Rotorua and three kilometres east of Kawerau, it is the easternmost vent of…

Whangaroa Harbour

Wangaroa Harbour, is an inlet on the northern coast of Northland, New Zealand. Whangaroa Bay and the Pacific Ocean are to the north. The small settlements of Totara North and Saies are on the west side of the…

Port Chalmers

Much of Port Chalmers is located on a small hilly peninsula, at the northern end of which is a large reclaimed area which is now the site of Dunedin's container port. Close to the southeastern shore of this…